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How to identify Polybutylene pipe:

1) Identify the polybutylene pipe by its color. Blue, silvery gray and black pipes were common in 1/2 to 1 inch diameters. Blue pipes were used outdoors primarily for cold water but the silvery gray and black were used interchangeably for both outdoor and indoor uses.


2) Check any suspected poly pipes for indentifiable stamping on the flexible, plastic material. Most polybutylene pipes had the letter "PB"  and a string of numbers imprinted on them. The most common imprint was "PB2110".


3) Locate prime areas where poly pipes were most often used. Outdoors, these pipes were often found near the main water shut off valve, at the water meter and entering the home through the basement, concrete slab, or crawl space.
Indoors poly was used in the walls, and basement ceilings, feeding to sinks, bath tubs, and toilets. It could also be found near water heaters.


4) Remove panels under sinks and behind showers, tubs, and toilets to expose the plumbing pipes.

Sometimes plumbers employed copper or galvanized steel pipe and fittings from the wall to a plumbing fixture but connected to poly pipes behind walls.


5) Look for copper, aluminum, or brass crimp fittings used to link pieces of poly pipe to plumbing joints and fittings. Acetal fittings, a plasic resin often gray or white in color, were also used. The presence of these pipe fittings increases the likelihood that the plumbing pipes are polybutylene.

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